Policies and Procedures

  • Convention/Conference
    • No refunds will be made to members for cancellations within 7 days from the beginning of the event.  Members who have made verbal commitments but have not paid will be billed and responsible for paying for the events they committed to.
    • All exceptions to this policy must have board approval prior to issuing any refunds.
    • All complimentary hotel rooms given to the District by the hotel or any other party will be allocated as follows:
      • Hospitality Room
      • Invited National Representatives
      • District President
      • District President Elect
      • Others as designated by the District board of directors
  • Board of Director/Officer Expense Reimbursements
    • Deadline for Prior year reimbursements is July 31.
    • All reimbursements must be submitted to the Treasurer with copies of receipts.
    • Board members must attend at least 2 District meetings to be eligible for any reimbursements.
    • Division Directors must meet with each club at least once to be eligible for any reimbursements.
    • National Convention costs incurred in July can only be applied to the previous year.
      Example:  National Convention in July xx01 must apply to prior July xx00 – June xx01 year.
  • Conventions & Conference Contracts
    • Two board members signatures required on all contracts. All locations and contracts must be approved by Board prior to signatures.
  • Death
    • A $25 gift to the North Carolina District Foundation will be made for the death of a Current Board member or Past District President.
  • Conference & Convention Guest Costs Paid for by the District
    • Invited National guests only
    • No more than 2 paid National Reps
  • Youth/ACE Award
    • The District will pay for one room for each winner for one night only.
    • The District will pay for the banquet meals of winners plus two additional guests.
  • Guest of Memorial Service/Installation Banquet
    • District will not pay for any individual costs associated with the attending guests.
    • Non-exchange member guests will not be charged the $10 conference and convention fee.
  • National Trading Pins
    • The current District President has sole decision making authority and responsibility for the design and ordering of the trading pins.
    • Pins must be ordered by March 1.
  • Center Directors attending the Foundation Board meeting only will not pay the $10 conference/convention fee.
  • Anyone attending the Memorial Service ONLY will not pay the conference/ convention fee. (added 6/20/10)


Adopted June 15, 2007
Updated:  2/13/2024